Garden tents

Garden tents or garden pavilions are a great way to prepare a quiet place in your own garden that is friendly and sheltered from rain, wind and the curious glances of your neighbors. Under such a roof, you can place garden furniture, deckchairs or even light a barbecue, while maintaining safety.

The biggest advantage of garden tents is that they can be set up almost anywhere in the garden. Such products are very mobile and can be easily dismantled and folded elsewhere at any time. It literally takes a few moments to fold it and store it during the winter season.

Garden tents – how to choose them

When browsing the offer of garden tents, there are several important factors to consider. One of the most important, of course, is its size. It is obvious that the size of the tent should be chosen according to the free space in the garden. Too large a garden tent will disturb the harmony and will look bad, while too small garden tents will be uncomfortable and will not allow for meetings in the garden in a larger group, therefore the size of the garden tents should be adapted to the conditions in the garden and your own expectations.

Manufacturers offer various types of garden tents. Each tent has a special roof, some have a mosquito net. The task of the simplest garden tents is only to provide shelter from the sun and rainfall. It can be considered that, in a sense, they resemble the well-known garden umbrellas, but the umbrellas are set on one leg and the tents on four. The more expensive models of garden tents are equipped with all side walls, and some with only parts that can be attached or fully detached to get rid of the additional cover on a warm and windless day.

Very important for the durability and stability of the garden tent is its manufacture. The most common are steel, wooden and aluminum frames. When buying a garden tent, it is also worth considering whether the fabric on the walls and roof is waterproof and whether it protects against UV rays.

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for your dream gazebo, but this way you have a greater chance of making the best choice of a garden tent that will meet your expectations.


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