A collection of the most useful smartphone applications

A long time ago, the days when we used the phones only to call them. Currently, we use them practically to everything – talks, arranging banking matters, entertainment, but most importantly, we find them useful in everyday life. There are a lot of examples to be written out. For example, when we do some mathematical calculations, we immediately use the calculator application. When we want to get to a special place by car, Google Maps helps us immediately. What if we need help from someone who has a car? Then, of course, we choose the extremely popular Uber application. All this greatly simplifies our daily lives and allows us to do more business in a short space of time.

Applications are not everything – also the browser can be extremely helpful

If you do not find the tool you need in places that offer a free application download, then you should use the help of a web browser. For example, if you are looking for information about a given mobile number, try the phone number lookup – you should visit the Totallookup.com website, which is just offering this type of free service. In practice, it looks like that after entering the phone number of the person from whom you have not answered, if you are in the database, you will be informed about it. For example, if you are wondering from what country the person called you, this information will be visible!

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